Universities Options in Japan

  Tohoku University 東北大学 Tohoku University’s Future Global Leadership (FGL) program offers 3 undergraduate degree courses taught completely in English.  For Advanced Molecular Chemistry (AMC) and International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (IMAC-U) courses, A-Levels in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics are required.  For the Applied Marine Biology (AMB) course, A-Levels in Mathematics and any two from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are required. A TOEFL or IELTS certificate may also be required. Note that applicants must not be a Japanese citizen nor hold a permanent residence permit in Japan. Tokyo International University 東京国際大学 Tokyo International University’s English Track Program accepts Cambridge International A-Level results as one of the standardized tests required for the application. Majors available:  ・BA in Business Economics  ・BS in Digital Business & Innovation  ・BA in International Relations Waseda University 早稲田大学 English-based program are offered at the following schools:  ・School of Political Science and Economics  ・School of Social Sciences Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation (TAISI)  ・School of International Liberal Studies (SILS)  ・School of Culture, Media and Society Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP)  ・School of Fundamental Science and Engineering  ・School of Creative Science and Engineering  ・School of Advanced Science and Engineering Yokohama National University  横浜国立大学 YOKOHAMA Creative-City Studies (YCCS) Program is offered in English. The Yokohama Creative-City Studies (YCCS) Program is seeking students aspiring to be pioneers in creating a new “urban studies” together with a highly diverse cohort hailing from across the world. Students will gain the ability to understand and communicate across cultures in addition to practical ICT and presentation skills. Students will major in one of three fields: Urban Cultural Creation, Urban Social Management, and Urban Creative Technologies. With the skills and knowledge gained in this program, students are expected to become innovative young leaders and facilitators with specialized knowledge on the global stage. Universities Around the World That Recognize CIE (As of February 2020)
United StatesA-levels: 711 UniversitiesIGCSE: 162 Universities  United KingdomA-levels: 148 UniversitiesIGCSE: 5 Universities  AustraliaA-levels: 54 UniversitiesIGCSE: 13 Universities  New ZealandA-levels: 8 UniversitiesIGCSE: 8 Universities  GermanyA-levels: 25 UniversitiesIGCSE: 32 Universities  Hong KongA-levels: 9 UniversitiesIGCSE: 3 Universities  South KoreaA-levels: 3 Universities PhilippinesA-levels: 7 UniversitiesIGCSE: 1 University  SingaporeA-levels: 18 UniversitiesIGCSE: 14 Universities  FranceA-levels: 5 UniversitiesIGCSE: 1 University SpainA-levels: 6 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities DenmarkA-levels: 6 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities ChinaA-levels: 12 UniversitiesIGCSE: 2 Universities CanadaA-levels: 57 UniversitiesIGCSE: 51 Universities NetherlandsA-levels: 25 UniversitiesIGCSE: 23 Universities UAEA-levels: 20 UniversitiesIGCSE: 15 Universities FinlandA-levels: 2 UniversitiesIGCSE: 1 University IrelandA-levels: 24 UniversitiesIGCSE: 7 Universities ThailandA-levels: 9 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities ItalyA-levels: 7 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities VietnamA-levels: 13 Universities GreeceA-levels: 1 University And many More
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